Supporting Brand Awareness & Access

As a marketer and sales person, you know that to build a brand you have to maximize brand awareness and brand presence at the time your customer is ready to buy again. Laser engraving can help you facilitate repeat purchases, cross purchases and referrals by your satisfied customers. Retaining customers and growing their value to you is easier than gaining new customers all the time!

Personalising rewards, gifts and even some work equipment is also about maintaining the connection between the user and the brand and helping the user be your brand champion, whether the corporate or product/service brand itself is highly visible or not.

Quadtec’s expertise in laser engraving and marking helps you put your brand in front of your customer when it is needed and with all the essential information. For instance we can engrave your logo AND add your contact details onto the physical item so that users know where to re-order and/or who to call for support or maintenance. If you think the surface is too small for the information required, think again! For small items, the precision of Quadtec’s engraving offers the opportunity to access extra information.

Tell us what you want to achieve, we’ll find the best fit solution for your challenge.

Branded Padlocks – Easier supplier contact, better logistics

We brand padlocks with the suppliers logo and contact details.

We can even add a QR code so that more information can be found about the supplier beyond what is possible on the padlocks small engraving area.

Quadtec’s “branding on demand service” guarantees a fast turn around and makes logistics and stock control more flexible and cost effective than getting large stock quantities of padlocks pre-branded by an overseas manufacturer.

The Stella Artois Campaign – Rewarding Loyalty with Glass Personalisation

We recently ran a campaign whereby drinkers of Stella Artois could get a beautifully presented Stella glass personalised with their own name.
The campaign was centered around Facebook and ultimately an online form was completed with the recipients details.
From those details we engraved the drinkers name, a shipping label was created and the product was packaged and distributed.
The campaign ran for approximately 3 months producing over 6,000 glasses.

Watch engraved and blackened

Co-Branded Watches – Staff Service Recognition

We regularly co-brand premium watches with the company logo and number of years service.
These watches are given to employees as a recognition of their years service and are a great way to build loyalty.