Precision Marking for Your Operational Efficiency

Some industries need to have durable and very precise marking on special equipment, tools and parts. Tolerances can be extremely tight, a guaranteed fast turn-around of any maintenance or replacement can be critical. Our clients who face such challenges value Quadtec’s partnership commitment, whatever the size and complexity of the contract.

If you can relate to some of the following engraving and marking examples, ask us how Quadtec can support your operational constraints.

Aerospace tool with data matrix

Aerospace – Critical Local Maintenance

The tool on the left is a highly specialised tool used in the aerospace industry. A readable data matrix code is required to be marked on the tool which is read & identified by an automated machine. The only available space for marking the code is on the shaft where the machine holds the tool which means that the code eventually wears down and becomes unreadable.  The company requires re-marking of this code onto the tool however it’s not feasible to send the tool back to the manufacturer in the US. We therefore mark the tool locally which saves valuable machine down time.

Engineering – High Precision Marking Partnerships

We regularly work with engineers to who often require high precision marking. Where the tolerances are very small they will often machine a jig to assist us to achieve the most precise result possible.

Medical – Sterilisation & Precision

We frequently mark body replacement parts, components and tools used in surgery. We understand the strict requirement for sterilisation and tight tolerances. We can inspect completed parts to make sure tolerances are complied with.

Electrical – Critical Accuracy

We engrave electrical switch plates with functions or warnings. We can provide quick turnaround for electricians and we take care of the placement, font and size. We just need to know what the switch is for.

Stainless steel plaque

Nameplates and tags – Application versatility

We manufacture and source a range of nameplates & tags.
There are various sizes, finishes, colours and backing options to suit your requirements.
If required, we can apply the plaques onto whatever products you want them on.