Building the Right Brand image

Marketers, imagine your customers, prospects, staff or business partners being delighted by your engraved accessories and/or promotional products and going Wow!

Laser engraved product decoration is all about promoting brands in ways that build the right brand image and create a powerful impression on the target market.

Promotion decoration is our specialty.  We engrave over 500,000 promotional products annually, on all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the most complex designs, in large quantities or limited editions.

When decorating your promotional item we understand that the final product is a reflection of your company name, your brand. Therefore we aim to produce the finest result possible for the market and purpose.  Whether your brand is at the op of the premium range or an more everyday/mainstream brand, our expertise and equipment enable us to deliver the result you want when you want it.

Tell us your marketing objectives, we’ll help you find the best solution, optimize the design and we’ll ensure that the engraved product is absolutely right, discussing any issue along the process. Difficult logos are our specialty and we have the expertise to advise what will work.

We work with all the major product suppliers and have extensive experience with their products. If we come across something new we’re more than happy to test it for you.

Get inspiration from our gallery of diverse engraved samples. Call Us with your creative ideas, and project details. We will provide a quote and recommendations.

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