Petcheck dog tag and cat tag

The Smart Lifetime Engraved Pet Tag

Every council seeks to foster responsible pet ownership and provide the most cost effective services to all rate payers.

Every council gets involved in reuniting lost pets & their owners throughout the year.

It is a pet owner’s heartache and a Council’s headache. You can solve this problem with Petcheck© Durable Lifetime Engraved Pet Tags

Quadtec’s Petcheck© is a pet identification solution designed specifically for councils to complement microchiping. Our experience, technology and customer care ensure we offer an all-round satisfying solution for Councils, pet owners and the Community.

5 good reasons to move to Petcheck
  • Save council money
  • Save ranger & administration time
  • Show your council cares
  • Facilitate responsible pet ownership
  • Increase rate payers satisfaction

Why use ordinary pet tags that cause unnecessary stress and costs like these?

  • Tags without a contact number force the finder of a lost pet to call the Council
  • The Ranger has to come and take the pet to the Pound
  • A pet‘s stress can lead to aggressive behaviour, putting
    the Ranger and others at risk
  • Pet owners experience extended stress when searching for their pet and they resent the Pound cost and hassle
  • Ranger time + Council and Ratepayers’ money are wasted

Choose the smart pet identification solution that improves your Council’s operations and helps your Community. Make the process faster, cheaper and happier for all!

Petcheck – A feature-packed tag

Attractive quality tags

  • Lifetime guarantee of tags against defects and damage
  • Tags designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 2 sizes for dogs and cats/small dogs

Quality laser engraving

  • High precision technology
  • Effective quality control; guaranteed accuracy

Durable neat engraving of key pet data

  • Council’s name
  • Pet registration number
  • Pet’s name and phone number
  • Optional, at no extra charge: Name and address of owner

Our research has found that most people will call the owner of a lost pet if a contact number is available, saving valuable time for council staff. Petcheck makes it possible!

 Petcheck – The simplest pet registration management system

Administrative ease and compliance:

  • One-off easy extension to the normal initial pet registration
  • Initial implementation support
  • Secure Petcheck© database with full history of registered pets
  • Minimal council intervention to implement and maintain the system
  • No stock holding/ handling of pet tags
  • Council supplies Quadtec with pet data, council envelopes and a single page letter to the pet owner, Quadtec does the rest
  • Effective fast turn around including lost/outdated tag replacement

Revenue source:

  • Councils can charge pet owners for tags and still save pet owners money compared to other pet tags

A Proven Solution 

“Our council has been using the Quadtec Petcheck lifetime pet tag system for over 10 years. It has saved us significant time and money. One great benefit is that we do not physically handle the tags. This is done by Quadtec. They are reliable  and very helpful. Their Petcheck  system is very simple to use, cost effective and makes pet owners very happy.”

Brimbank Council, Melbourne

Call Quadtec for an obligation free demonstration of how we can partner with your Council.